Priory Bridge

Fencing Division

At PBL, we provide a selection of comprehensive options to suit your exact needs and specifications. We have years of experience in domestic and commercial settings in installing top of the range fencing to give your outside space that fresh and neat look. From compound fencing, acoustic fencing to general decking, our fencing teams cover the lot and more. You may need fencing for various reasons; for security, for an aesthetic look or for an altogether different reason, whatever it is, we have the complete product to get the job. We only source the highest quality timber giving you peace of mind that the job will be complete to the highest possible standard.

Here are the aspects we cover in our Fencing Division:


  • Compound Fencing

  • Security & Electric Fencing

  • Be–Spoke/Design & Build Fencing

  • Accoustic Fencing

  • Badger Fencing

  • Arena Fencing

  • Decking

  • Timber Palisade Fencing and Repairs

  • Metal Fencing

  • Post + Wire Fencing

  • Stock Fencing

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