We’ve stressed it before and we’ll stress it again – it is the grounds of your commercial property that form visitor’s first impressions. We understand that commercial businesses don’t always have a lot of time to spare on ground maintenance, but commercial grounds care shouldn’t be too difficult, especially when you follow these simple steps.

1.    Weed control

No one likes weeds in any garden, but they are always going to grow and the only way to get rid of them is by removing and keeping on top of them. Weeds often grow back, however, this is usually because they have not completely been removed and part of their roots remain in the soil. The most effective way to remove weeds and prevent them from returning is by pulling them by hand, removing them with a hoe or using a chemical product. We recommend removing weeds when the soil is damp and moist, as this makes it easier to remove them with their roots.

2.    Regular grass cuts

Alongside weeds, overgrown grass also makes commercial grounds look a lot less attractive. Regularly mowing the lawn should be a no brainer for commercial property and land owners. Aside from keeping the lawn looking neat and tidy, mowing the lawn is key to maintaining a healthy one.  Ride-on mowers are ideal for commercial grounds with larger lawns as they’ll save a lot of time and effort. Commercial lawns should be cut at least fourteen times a year.

3.    Water plants often

Watering plants is the easiest, yet most effective commercial grounds care task. Luckily, in Scotland we have plenty of rainfall to help take care of this, to some extent. But during the warmer and drier days, it’s important not to forget about watering the plants. Just like humans, plants need hydrated too, or else they will dry out and die, leaving gardens looking bleak. Regularly watering plants will maximise their lifespan and keep gardens looking alive. Plants can be watered manually with hoses or watering cans. Or, commercial land owners may find it useful investing in sprinklers.

4.    Power washing

Grit and grime on the grounds of a commercial property can leave the business looking uninviting, dirty and drab. Power washers are a great way to tackle grit and grime and instantly improve the appearance of stone or concrete grounds, wooden decking, patios and tarmac. The power washer works to blast away dirt, moss, lichens and algae from surfaces. But it can also make surfaces less slippery, which is a huge advantage to health and safety.

5.    Shrub maintenance

Shrubs look great on commercial grounds – they add a little bit of shape, colour and character. But they can quickly grow out of control if not properly and regularly maintained. As they grow out of shape, they become messy and ultimately make your commercial grounds look untidy and neglected. Shrubs can quite easily be maintained, though.Light pruning from time to time will help maintain a shrub’s size and shape. Pruning can be done using hand shears, loppers, or hedge shears. With spring now in full bloom, now is the perfect time to maintain the shrubs.

Does this sound like too much work? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

Our qualified teams have years of experience in every aspect of hard and soft landscaping ensuring that all works carried out are completed to the highest possible standard.

Our commercial contract clients range from Housing Associations, Private and Public Sector Developers, Schools, Nurseries, Privately Owned Companies, Local Authorities and Resident Associations throughout Scotland.

No matter the type of commercial ground you need a helping hand with, we have the team of experts to provide all your maintenance requirements, or completely transform the commercial space into the landscaped area that you’ve always wanted, and benefit from having the peace of mind in knowing we complete every contract to highest possible standard.

For further information, do not hesitate to get in contact with us today!


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