Wishawhill Wood Pump Track

Priory Bridge Landscaping were very pleased to be involved in the Wishawhill Wood Pump Track project. This cycle track came with its own unique sets of challenges including kids keen to get on site before completion. It has been extremely rewarding for Priory Bridge Landscaping.

Wishawhill Wood Pump Track

Now the Wishawhill Wood Pump Track is completed kids of all ages in the local community have somewhere to try their latest tricks on scooters bikes and a variety of wheeled transport away from the roads, traffic and footpaths. Thus ensuring everyone’s safety and pleasure.

It was fantastic to work alongside Green Cat Renewables, who were the main contractor. We also had the pleasure of working alongside Velosolutions and Architrail, two of the world’s best pump track designers.

How We Helped Build The Wishawhill Wood Pump Track

Priory Bridge Landscaping were involved as landscape consultants and contractors. We have been involved from the start advising on landscape proposals and seasonal programming of works.

During the contract we were the landscape contractor and carried out all soft landscaping works which included clearing the heavy grass and thatch from site, applying herbicides and installing all turf around the track.

It is great to see the park now in use as it gives young people in Wishaw and surrounding areas something to do.

Work was completed on December 17th 2017.

Dan Scott of Wishaw Mountain Biking club said the following:

“These parks have been designed in different parts of the country and I’m not kidding when I say they are some of the best in the world.”

“Not only will kids and those with hardly any biking experience enjoy the track but people from across Scotland will come to visit this track.”

Cllr Kaye Harmon, Convener of Motherwell Local Area Partnership, said:

“I would encourage local people to get involved and have their say on this positive development.  Through original consultations undertaken by ‘Action for Craigneuk’ the community advised that teenagers felt they had little to do.  This cycle track and pathways will give young people great access to their own outdoor space.”

Explore the Wishawhill Wood Pump Track Below

Trials rider Ali Clarkson had a ride on the track, see the video and check-out the completed project below.

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