Beast From The East – What Has Been Happening?

Europe has seen temperatures plunge this week following a ‘flood’ of cold air moving in from Russia in the east. This has lead to the fitting name ‘Beast From The East’. Even Rome has seen snow during this temperature plunge, the first in 6 years.

In the central belt yesterday we had a light dusting. However,  the weather was still mild and a lot of people were sceptical about warnings not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

However, we all woke up to 10-15cm of snow and horrendous driving conditions.

Who Has Been Affected?

Many schools and public services were closed today, alongside loads of local businesses.

You can check all UK school closures on the website.

Many airports across the UK have temporarily suspended flights.

The whole country is not at a standstill however. The gritters are out on force. Remember, all gritters in Scotland have GPS trackers (and some even have names!) so you can check what roads have been gritted here if you absolutely have to travel.

We have to take our hats off the our gritter force!

Key public services remain open. Hats off to vital services like the NHS who are pulling through today.

Met Office Warnings

The met office has released an amber warning for most of Scotland and large parts of England and Wales. Keep up to date on Met Office updates here. Remember to only travel if it is absolutely necessary.

What People Are Saying

We are putting together a picture of what is happening across the country. We would love to hear how the weather is affecting your landscaping projects. Please get in touch  or drop us a tweet @PrioryBridge and stay safe!

Apparently it’s a good day to be a penguin:

We enjoyed this dog playing in the snow:

And of course, the inevitable…

Let us know how the weather is affecting you and stay safe!

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