Professional Landscapers Glasgow – Investing in People

Here at Priory Bridge Landscaping, we believe in investing in our teams. It has certainly been a busy couple of months of training to ensure that all our teams are up to date with certificates/legislation and ready to face new challenges. PBL are pleased to report that all our team members are fully Construction Skills Certificate Scheme qualified. In addition to this, six key members have achieved their Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme qualification in a pilot scheme which has seen us work closely with Story Homes who are running out a pilot training scheme funded by the Home Builders Federation. Two other key members have completed a Train the Trainer day run by stihl and bali. It is essential that all of our professional landscapers Glasgow are up to date with their proper qualifications.

professional landscapers Glasgow

Our teams are now ready to mentor/buddy some of our new recruits, the first phase of which should be with us early March.

In addition, there is further customer service training planned for April. PBL believe this to be an important part of team development. Although team members do not always meet the end user of our products/services, we firmly believe that everyone involved in the process is a customer, and it is important to produce a successful, fit for purpose product by communicating effectively, and understanding the needs of each of our customers whether it be our colleagues or the end user.

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