Winter landscaping sometimes takes a back-seat during the colder months, especially during Christmas and New Year. At Priory Bridge, we know it can be hectic at this of year, that’s why we’ve put together some advice on how to get the best out of your Garden during the festive period.

Winter Flowers at Scampston. An object lesson in drift planting. Perennial arrangement.

Make Your Winter Garden Look Great

Be the envy of your family and friends and make your Christmas garden look fantastic like any other time of the year. In December, there are various plants that look great this month like Galanthus – Snowdrop, Cyclamen Coum, Mahonia, Holly – Ilex varieties, Erica – Heathers and Cornus – Dogwood.

Protect, Protect, Protect

If it’s come too late to protect your garden from the cold elements of the UK, then take this advice for next year. It’s important to make sure that sensitive plants are free from damage. You can either bring in these plants in pots or wrap them in fleece and then place straw at the base of the plants.

Prepare For Spring

It’s important before the hard frost hits to dig over empty beds and enable the soil for new planting by working in nutrients. Another tip is to take time out over the Winter period and plan your garden for the year ahead.  At Priory Bridge, we have years of experience in helping our clients get the most out of their domestic and commercial premises so get in touch and we can help.

Other Winter Landscaping Tips

Things To Think About In General

If the soil is wet avoid walking on it.

To increase the varied species of birds attract them with a range of seeds to feed them with.


It’s important that hellebores are protected against slugs

Shrubs and Trees

If the weather isn’t too bad, plant out shrubs and trees

Move shrubs and trees into new positions

Leave evergreens until spring but now it’s time to prune trees and deciduous trees

Use fleece to protect new evergreen shrubs from Winter damage

Monty Don: Even the most barren winter garden is brimming with beauty thanks to proper winter landscaping

Fruit and Veg

Cover winter vegetables in netting to protect them from pigeons

Wash fruit trees to help clean up over wintering insects and pests

Prune red currants, white currants and gooseberries

Make sure rhubarb is covered in manure or compost

Get rid of any fruit and veg that are diseased

Lawns and Hedges

If the garden is wet, keep off the grass

Remove leaves from the garden


Cover crocus bulbs from mice by covering it in netting

Continue to ventilate if the weather is fine to keep down disease via air movement

Sow onion seeds and sweet peas

If you’re needing a hand with your Winter landscaping then look no further than Priory Bridge Landscaping. Our expertise knows no bounds so we’re the team you can rely on for all aspects of garden landscaping for your commercial or domestic space.

Also, keep up to date on the blog for more hints, tips and advice from the team here at PBL.

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