For businesses, some of the challenges they face during extreme weather is having the correct landscaping design that withstands certain weather conditions. The question you need to ask yourself is how do you create a colourful and vibrant environment during the summer months but also handle the bleak and snowy conditions that most commercial properties experience during Winter?

How I Prepare My Raised Beds for Winter

One of the most efficient strategies to adopt is utilising plants such as groundcover that will die back in Winter thus enabling safe snow storage without the worry of branching being exposed to harsh conditions.

It’s important to choose plants that come springtime, undergo a vibrant transformation so when the snow is melted, emerging is a colourful open space landscape. Another tip is to provide transitional coloured plants for Autumn as they ready themselves for the colder Winter months.

We’ve put together loads of hints and tips on how the best way a commercial landscaping company like PBL can help your businesses green space be ready for Summer and Winter!

Let’s first look at how to prepare your commercial garden for Summer:

One of the biggest challenges for commercial landscapers in summer months is keeping the place looking lush and fresh during extreme weather periods amongst other tasks.

It’s important to spread compost along lawn edges as they bear the brunt of winter damage. Add fertiliser too, as areas damaged by snow removal can recover quicker.

When you leave Winter and head into better weather, springtime brings the first bursts of colour. To help aid this process and keep the colour going for as long as possible, plant bulbs such as daffodils, narcissi, tulip and crocus between September – November (before frost hits), as this will get the garden ready for a colourful spring.

In keeping with planning ahead for Spring and Summer, plant pansies with pussy willow and forsythia along entryways and pavements.

Be efficient too, plant summer bulbs such as cannas which will add colour to your beds in the latter summer months.

As we head into October a choice of Autumn flower is the chrysanthemum. Be creative here, add ornamental peppers with their vibrant colours of purple, yellow and red.

We all know well, that in Scotland Winter creeps up on us that’s why we should be prepared in Autumn and think ahead. Plant a mixture of greens, branches, berries and pinecones for that authentic woodland feel.

How to Clean, The Garden In Autumn and Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter.


Preparing your Commercial Landscape Space for Winter:

One of the biggest problems during the Winter period is what to do with all the snow that needs to be shovelled from pavements and car parks. By having big piles of snow, it crushes shrubs and breaks branches while the use of salt and sand can kill plants, leaving a mess.

Have easy-to-access snow load areas so it’s easy to stockpile snow out of the way of grass and plants.

Depending on the layout of your property and how much space you have, it could be a plan to have several stockpile locations.

Stockpile snow areas should be utilised in landscaped space that can take heavy snow cover during Winter. This can include hardy grass or rugged and resilient plants.

Make sure that snow stockpile areas don’t hinder the movement of snow removal equipment, so the job can be completed to the best possible standard.

Make sure that all landscaping edges along roadsides and driveways are areas that allow easy clean up and that the range of operation can be easily seen. This also covers pavements and curbs that can accommodate snow ploughing and shovelling.

Try not to over-salt the area as this can damage the environment and plants. Obviously, don’t sacrifice public safety in the process.

Once the sand and salt has done its job, clean it all up from parking areas and pavements as soon as possible as if can burn plants and create adverse soil conditions.

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