At Priory Bridge, we know the joys that come from gardening and garden design. We have a passion for what we do. Getting up in the morning and throwing ourselves into the scents of nature as soon as the morning sun comes up is something we’ll never get tired of. Many of our loyal domestic and commercial clients are of the same thinking. Getting their hands dirty and pulling their sleeves up to maintain their garden is often more a treat than a chore.

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Whether you’ve just had your garden landscaped by us at PBL or you’re an avid gardener yourself who enjoys a tidy up once and again, there’s so much to gain from a well-kept garden whether that’s at your domestic or commercial property.  We’ve put together several benefits that looking after your garden can bring:

Garden Design That’s Pleasing On The Eye

One of the obvious benefits of taking care and investing in your garden design is how it looks when it’s finished. Whether you’ve had the garden landscaped and you’re putting the finishing touches together yourself, the wait is paid in full when you get to enjoy, entertain, share and make memories in your own bit of grassy heaven.

The Health Benefits

It might be obvious that that the produce that’s grown in your garden can improve your health through eating healthy food. But the garden offers more than that.  Taking care of the garden offers you physical as well as mental wellbeing benefits. Less tangible rewards come with gardening such as heart and brain health as well as being an activity that improves self-esteem and reduces stress. Gardening reaps benefits in all areas of life.

You may leave the handy work to us at PBL but just being in the garden offers various longevity benefits. We may live in Scotland but during the summer months and when the sun is out it can give you a healthy vitamin c dose that can improve skin, mood and overall health. Exercise and fresh air are also great ways to improve your health in the garden.

If you have your own private spot then exercising becomes easier as it’s right there at your backdoor. Take yoga for example. Practising on soft grass with a soft breeze with nature all around you, what could be better than that?

English Cottage Garden Deck Chair Summer House Farrow and Ball Roses and Rolltops : Makeover - Garden Transformation

A Social Setting

A well landscaped and looked after garden space also offers the social setting. A small or large garden provides a place for fantastic family meals during the summer months, birthday parties and small get togethers. We can even give you advice on what cocktail ingredients and garnishes you can grow to add a little more excitement to the gatherings you have during this time of the year.

If you’re looking for an updated garden through the likes of Priory Bridge, you should discuss how you would like to spend time in your garden. Is it worth having a play area for the kids or even a treehouse?

For commercial properties, a great way to keep staff have happy, morale high and high output is to have a place where you all can relax and enjoy at breaks and lunch. We specialise in creating the perfect space at commercial premises.

Inviting Nature

When a well landscaped garden is created you’re not only letting friends and family enjoy this outdoor space, you’re creating a place for other visitors to sample the environment too. Create a bird bath to tempt feathered friends or a grassy area to encourage other wildlife such as hedgehogs. This is a place your whole family can become closer to nature.

Low deck. Great way to add interest to a small back yard! Dedicated seating area.

Time To Relax

When you’re not entertaining a well-kept garden can be a place where you can just wind down and switch off from the outside world.  It can become a haven and a peaceful retreat. Listen to the sound of birds, flowing water, breath in fresh air, spending time in your garden can be a treat for the senses.

A Place For Pets

Spending time with your dog for example outside is precious. We’ve years of experience in helping create pet friendly areas in your garden design, at both domestic and commercial properties.  Creating a pet friendly area gives you hours of fun while it’s a place for your little companion to enjoy without having to go to the park as often.  If you’re thinking of having a dog in the future for example, now is a great time for a garden revamp. If you’re a business owner that has a dog friendly office, it might be time to make your organisation stand out with an outdoor space for staff and pets too.

Increased Property Price

A well-presented garden can add value to your property if you are moving in the future. That means, once you’ve enjoyed your garden project, you still get to gain more from the investment. Adding a decking can increase your properties value, so think about your options.

If you own a commercial property, once you’ve created your relaxing outdoor space this can also increase its value if you plan to sell.

If you’re planning a landscaping project in Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland  and need a hand please get in touch with us at Priory Bridge. Please stay up to date on the blog and contact us if we can be of any assistance in bringing your dreams to reality at your domestic or commercial property.

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