Two of the most popular decking options in the country are composite and timber. Both have their own benefits. Choosing the right type of decking for your home depends on several factors such as your budget, how much time you have for maintenance, the type of look you would like to create and how long you want the decking to last. Remember to get in touch for decking Glasgow enquiries.

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Decking Glasgow Cost

The type of woods plays a big part in the cost of timber.  Softwood is considerably cheaper to install than hardwood decking as well as a significant number of composite options. Hardwood decking is more in the price range of composite. When buying timber decking there are overheads that come with it.  Such as oil so it looks it’s best for longer and other costs to maintain it over the long term.

Decking Life Spans and Maintenance

If decking is maintained correctly over the period, it can last a very long time.  Timber is a great option as if it suffers from fungus or rot, the area can be replaced instead of the whole deck. However, you still need to look after the decking correctly, like other timber products that you have at home.

Composite decking requires less maintenance and will last around 20-30 years on average. Mostly all composite decking simply needs to be cleaned regularly, with little to no maintenance protecting it against moisture or stain damage. This means that timber is more time consuming to treat over the course of its lifetime. That said, composite decking has plastic content that’s prone to scratches plus it’s harder to repair as it can’t be sanded down when you’re wanting to sort out superficial issues.

Environmental Impact

One of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use is timber.  So, it’s great if you’re going for the rustic feel. Composite decking is made from a mixture of wood and plastic fibres. Plastics have more of a negative impact on the outside world as it’s made from natural gas, crude oil and cellulose.

Decking Glasgow Seating Area - Softwood, Hardwood, Composite Decking & Scaffolding Boards Are Discussed As We Inspire You To Make Your Outside Living Space An Extension Of Your Home.


One of the problems with composite decking is that it lacks structural strength so it requires more support than timber decking. Although this can cost more for installation, the lack of support can be overcome by placing joists closer together so it prevents breakages and sagging.

Look and Feel

These materials come with varied options and benefits that cater to individual tastes. Composite comes in a range of finishing colours. Whereas timber decking tends to have different colour variations due to the knots and natural wood, the finish of composite decking is the same colour and texture so it’s more consistent. Composite decking keeps its colour and look for longer without the need for maintenance.

What to choose?

The choice is down to you and your personal preferences.  If you want a decking that’s more a traditional look, natural feel that won’t need to be replaced then timber might be the better option. Composite requires only an annual wash and is also child safety proof so this type of decking has a lot going for it too.

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