If you talk to most within the landscaping and horticulture industry they will tell you that Autumn is a fantastic time for landscape maintenance. You might be renovating your lawn, planting or pruning, whatever it may be, there’s tons of reasons why Autumn landscaping is the best for your garden.  We know that Scotland is a cold climate but during this time of year landscaping is a great idea due to the even cooler temperatures and increased moisture. The weather enables plants to become established while providing a great environment for new grass to grow in the garden.

Autumn, fall landscape in park. Colorful leaves, sunny blue sky.

During the Autumn months, most landscaping tasks involve adding new plants, shrubs and plants.  This time of year, is the perfect to install new plants as it creates the ideal environment for plants to flourish. These cooler temperatures have other benefits too as it encourages root development and reduces the amount of shock a plant experiences once its transplanted. Landscaping enhancements during Autumn only bring positive results.

Replacing or renovating turf should also be completed at this time of year. During the months of September, October and November you can prepare the grass for the frosty winter months ahead. There are certain steps that need to be taken for your lawn to withstand freezing winter temperatures. The grass should be given a winter fertiliser so it can get through the dark months.


Irrigation and drainage are other key parts of the landscaping process. These issues need to be prepared for winter too.  Take advantage of Autumn and determine potential problem areas for winter drainage and the state of your irrigation system. The process involves using air from a high-pressured source to blow all water from the pipes to protect them from freezing. A great landscaping tip that can help with drainage when it’s cold is to install drain rock strips as this can help with mitigating water run-off from a buildings garden beds and downspouts.

Other aspects that need to be included in your Autumn landscaping plan include plants need to prepared well for the chilly months.  As previously said, the garden is maintained during winter as it can be fertilised in the fall months, flowers and plants shouldn’t follow the same path. Plant’s shouldn’t receive feeding during the time as this will make them expand and this expels needed energy that they need kept for winter. If plants are fertilised it has the potential to kill the plant.

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