Not sure how to plant a tree properly? A lot of people think planting a tree is as simple as submerging it in soil in your garden. As part of any commercial landscaping project, some properties look fantastic with a green canopy that’s lush which invites wildlife, provides shade in the summer months and boosts your spirits. Before you can enjoy the tree’s which you plant, you need to ensure that they will remain part of the landscape for generations to come. Here are the do’s and don’ts of tree planting that give you the best results:

how to plant a tree

The Do’s

Choose trees for a specific purpose. It may be for shade at office windows, privacy, sound barrier, autumn colours or spring flowers. Choose a type of tree that you want for a specific reason.

Plant trees for energy conservation. This will not only save on bills but this is also better for the environment. Deciduous trees with large crowns are best planted for the south end of your commercial property so the windows receive shade during the hours in the afternoon. These trees with lower crowns are best situated on the west side to block the afternoon sun if it gets too hot.

It’s important to plant trees at the proper time of year. Cool and cloudy weather is great for planting. We are fortunate in that aspect that we live in Scotland!

Before you plant the tree of your choice it’s vital that you remove the metal or plastic container from the root. Remove any rope and burlap tied at the trunk. Make sure you also cut away the reinforcement wire too.

Two people with their hands planting tree

The Don’ts

Not everyone knows how to plant a tree. As mentioned, people think it is as simple as putting the tree in soil. But it i a lot more complicated.

We suggest not to plan large trees in small areas. Young trees are small but they all grow at different rates. It’s important to think about the mature size of trees before thinking about where to plant. Research is key here.

Don’t just choose a tree because it grows fast. Yes, the tree might mature faster but slow growing trees are less susceptible to storm damage and they also tend to be stronger.

Don’t over fertilise. We repeat, don’t over fertilise. Root damage is caused by planting fertiliser in the planting hole. Wait until spring to lightly fertilise young trees.

Trampling on soil is a big no no after planting the tree. Once the roots are fully covered and the backfill is in place, water the tree on a low pressure. Let the water settle the soil, don’t do this with your feet.

It’s vital to not water improperly. Watering trees after planting are important, but once planted and initially watered well, water the tree deeply and infrequently. Watering too much drowns the roots while light.  Avoid shallow root growth which is caused by watering frequently. Please note it’s still vital to water through autumn to prevent drought damage.

We hope you have enjoyed this how to plant a tree guide. If you’re business is looking for a landscaping overhaul then please get in touch with Priory Bridge today. We have years of experience in turning a boring or unsightly commercial ground into a beautiful place for employees and customers alike.

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