If you’re a business you want the image of the premises to look the best they can. Who doesn’t love an outdoor space that’s uniquely designed and a space that looks beautiful. Commercial landscaping Glasgow and beyond is becoming more and more popular, turning dull and non-attractive spaces into a place that is enjoyed by employees and customers alike.

Tall #garden planter made from reclaimed teak. Hardwearing and makes a great statement on the terrace.

Commercial Landscaping Glasgow

The Physical Attraction

You can’t ignore the power of aesthetics. New clients will be attracted to a business, and existing customer will also be maintained when a commercial landscaping design is incorporated into an existing space. By having a beautiful outdoor space next to your office, clients will see how well you take care of the space. This can also be extended as they will think if you’re taking care of your surroundings, you will take care of them too.


Your business shows that it cares for the environment outside when you have a commercial space that is well maintained. You can be loyal to the native plants in the area when you use local flora when designing your ideal commercial space. Just like commercial landscaping Glasgow, you can avail residential landscaping services as well. This would prove that if you’re eco-friendly, you probably help the world around you too.

Improving Productivity

Studies have shown that people work better when they are surrounded by natural elements. If a landscape is beautifully designed then it will evoke a peaceful surrounding and help maintain an employee’s health too. Planting trees and plants can maintain the morale and general happiness of an employee and in turn lead to delighted customers also.

need to find planters like these!

Improves Market Value

Market values are increased when outdoor spaces are attractive. When you hire a commercial landscaping business like ourselves, the property business is raised. Areas surrounding your business would look shabby and unattractive and the competition around you would then need to invest in commercial landscaping and this would then increase the profitability of the whole area through regeneration. Added revenue is also brought in as people are generally attracted to nicely designed spaces.

Modern contemporary garden and fire Pit

Crime Reduction

Places which are well lit and professionally maintained reduce the risk of crime. These areas are considered safer and with low crime rates, revenue and productivity is increased as employees are comfortable in their environment too.

Surrounding areas

Interest is increased in areas that are well maintained, thus increasing sales for a business. The tourism rate improves for well looked after outdoor areas. Homeowners are always on the lookout for places with parks and greenery this further adds to the local economy.

For all your commercial landscaping needs look no further than Priory Bridge. We have experience in every aspect of landscaping for your business. Get in contact via the contact form and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.


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